OILEX is the synonym for a professional spill solution

OILEX is 100% organic and absorbs nearly all kind of spills - e.g. all kind of oils like engine oil and hydraulic oil, all fuels, oil-similar substances and a wide range of chemicals, oil-based colors and lacks as well as blood very quickly and effectively.

OILEX is universally applicable

OILEX combats impurities and environmental catastrophes on water, asphalt or on the ground. The natural fiber is not toxic, it has no negative effect on the environment and it can be disposed of without any problems.


Absolute absorption

Break it down to a drop


A list of all the tested substances is available in our Download-Section


50 Liter bag / approx. 7,5 kg
10 Liter bucket / approx. 2,4 kg

1 pallet = 60 bags or 128 buckets
1 truck = 33 pallets
40’ container = 24 pallets

Shelf life: 5 years guaranteed if stored in a dry area.

Coming soon: OILEX Pad & OILEX Boom as well as OILEX Spreadman and the OILEX Spill Kit - see product data sheets in the download area.

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OILEX is distributed internationally. Please ask for your national partner.

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